Poor old Joe

partituur van Poor old Joe

Poor old Joe is in 1860 gecomponeerd door Steven Foster (1826-1864). Het lied heette oorspronkelijk 'Old Black Joe'.

Tekst Edit

Gone are the days
When my heart was young and gay,
Gone are my friends
From the cotton fields away,
Gone from the earth
To a better land I know,

I hear their gentle voices
Calling: "Poor old Joe."
I'm coming,
I'm coming,
for my head is bending low,
I hear their gentle voices
Calling: "Poor old Joe."

Why do I weep,
When my heart should feel no pain,
Why do I sigh
That my friends come not again?
Grieving for forms
Now departed long ago.

Where are the hearts
Once so happy and so free?
The children so dear
That I held upon my knee?
Gone to the shore
Where my soul has longed to go,

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