Dit is het clublied van ESN Antwerp.

Het werd geschreven door Eric De Kok in 2001.

ESN Antwerp clublied Edit

If you're coming out of Spain
By a boat or by a plane
Or you're coming out of South-east Botswana
You'll clink your glasses every night
With all your friends till the morning light
Singing simple words like "Shana Shanana"

Every night we stay out late
We joke around and we'll laugh "ne farmen beet"
And we like to give ourselves a treat
With "nen beestig bangelijke stoofvlees friet"
And we love to go "oep zwier" LET'S HAVE BEER !!!

Any country on the globe
For every student there is hope
Buy a one way ticket, non stop to Belgique
You will eat and drink and sing and dance
And maybe have a wild romance
You'll find yourself amongst "een toffe kliek"

You've got the local "ABN"
You speak the Gaelic of a Scottish clan
Or you talk Swahili or some Kurdistan
You'll all sing together "wa is me da"
What a super-joint "De Vettige Swa"
And the simple words will be "olé-ola"

If you're a teen or you're a twen
If you're name is Jack or Jenn
If you're a Buddhist or a Catholic or a Zen
In Belgium all the students say
The night shines brighter than the day
Yeah, this is the place where we would love to stay

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